Google Is Shutting Google+ Down!

Google is shutting down Google+. What does this mean for your business? Watch our video to find out!

Here’s What You Should Know

Well, the time has come. Google is shutting down Google+ after a report stated that 90 percent of Google+ sessions only last for five seconds. So, what does this mean for your business? Watch our video to find out!

Don't forget that Google+ should only be a small part of your business's local search marketing strategy. There are plenty of other prominent local directories your business should be focusing on for a future-proof plan. This means that it shouldn't be a big deal for your business that Google+ is getting shut down.

And, if you're a RevLocal client, we're already on top of things. We focus on a well-rounded strategy that gets your business found in the right searches, so while we have been using Google+ as a small part of your strategy, this change shouldn't affect you at all.

Any good local search marketing strategy includes citation building across the web, claiming business pages on Google, Facebook, Yelp and much more. Focus on these important websites and directories as well as making sure your business's information is correct and you are off to a good start!

If you're worried about what this might do to your business or you want to learn more about this change, feel free to contact your marketing strategist. If you're not a RevLocal client, you can see how our local search marketing plans work here.

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